About ProLube MetalGuard


What is Metal Guard and why does it work so well?


Since the Bronze age,
man has looked at trying to solve the problem of Friction
and it’s constant companions,
Heat and Failure!

The most common ways have been the invention of oils, oil additives, protective coatings and hundreds of other variations of the same old things. In recent years, with the advent of the space age and growing technology, the search for better solutions to this age old problem have included newly developed synthetics, gases, solids and even air to try to find ways to reduce friction without any significant progress until the discovery of ProLube’s Metal Guard. An ancient formula passed down through generations and finally available to the world! A friction reducing formula so different and so unique it has created a new classification of lubricants.

This unique formula does what no other lubricant has done before it or since. It penetrates the surface of metal 3-5 microns creating a smoother surface which reduces friction even when the actual lubrication is not present on the surface! This also, because of its unique characteristics, make the surface of the metal harder. Metal Guard does not compete with the oil that it is introduced in, since it is not a petroleum product. It is a true proprietary and original formula, an anti-friction metal conditioner. When Metal Guard is mixed into an oil, put in an operating engine, then analyzed; it could no longer be detected in the oil. This means the Metal Guard used the oil as a carrier only. Once the molecule comes in contact with naturally occurring gas pores or other metal imperfections, it is absorbed into this metal; once it treats the metal, it is no longer a part of the oil! A molecule of oil and a molecule of Metal Guard will NOT BLEND together to make a new molecule, they are distinctively separate at all times! For the first time since the discovery of heavy metals, the solution to heat and friction has been solved!